Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

report text..

monkey is a mamals animal..
their habitats is in the forest.
their habits is like a people.
monkey has many species.

He is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He is president of indonesia. He become president from 2004 until 2009. He joined the democrat party. He has wife name Ani. Before become a president he become a major general. he has 2 son. And of his son already allow his job.
Susilo Bambang yudhoyono has a big and tall body. he has big eyes. he has straigth hair. he has big nose.

Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Data Pribadiku..

Nama: Cindy Laurend Nataria
Umur: 15 th
Alamat: Mulyosari tengah 9/11
Sekolah: SMA YPPI 1